Monday, March 4, 2013

Catch up and Saturday School

Last week we passed the 100 day. I had been building this up in the lad's mind because he has learned to count to 100 so it is an important number to him. We didn't do anything "special" though I had thought about doing some 100's counting activities, but no. I explained to him that after lesson 100 we would only have 60 days of school left! He got pretty excited about that. ;) As I mentioned in my last post a zillion years ago, we were going to try to catch up during Jan by piggy backing school days. However, the lad reverted to fighting me about school, so we were lucky to just get one regular day done. PLUS I was dealing with morning sickness.... or all day sickness if you like. ;) That's right! Our home is growing by 2! We are having twins!! So on top of all that comes along with pregnancy, school is just something that we're coasting through right now. The Lad has learned his entire alphabet, and his short and long vowel sounds. He is starting to learn to write the capital letters in cursive now that he's been through all the small letters. He is doing simple math, and doing well with it, and we are reading through his "I Can Read" books. I think we're making a success out of this first year, even if we've hit some bumps along the way. I have had him do his "main" subjects a couple of times on Saturdays. Though some weekends roll around and the last thing I can even think about doing is school. So we don't. :) I will be evaluating his lessons each week from here on out and we'll be skipping a few that don't seem "vital." I know that it is not an ideal way to do school, but we have to adjust for things happening in our family. He will not be taking an official spring break, but using those days to catch up a bit too. The truth is, we don't know how this summer will look with the babies on the way, and there is no way we will be doing school through June and July. So there it is. :) On the whining about school front we have made progress recently. I had a serious chat with the Lad about his attitude towards school. We talked heart to heart, and I let him know that I knew he could have a happy heart about his school. We agreed that on days when he didn't complain and did have a happy heart, that he would get to play games on the iPad after school. We also agreed that if he chose to complain he would not get that privilege. The first day it was wonderful!! The second he reverted and lost his play time. He has been doing consistently better since then, and that makes each day much much easier!

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  1. So glad it's going better & you're finding your homeschooling groove even with all the changes going on. We do a similar reward for our big boy. Puzzle games on my phone if he completes his pages in his workbook. I hadn't thought of doing that once he begins school. Maybe it will help.