Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nail on the Head

So I've been musing... as I do... about homeschooling, and while I've been meaning to write those musings down here, I've been ignoring you because I'm hoping it'll all go away. Ha ha! Not really. ;) I still find myself as reluctant as before about homeschooling and all that it will/does involve. Perhaps part of the fear is of the unknown. Yes I've been through homeschooling before as the student, but never as the teacher/mom. And even though we have been loosely doing preschool this year it's not the same. And in fact maybe because we were "loosely" doing preschool it stresses me out even more. Routines and schedules have become a not-so-strog-point in my life. I know that homeschool has flexibility involved, but I'm afraid of myself that I just won't get it all done. Somehow I'll be cheating my son out of the education that he was meant to have. That I'll end up the mom who lets her kids count produce in the bags at the grocery store and call that a good math lesson. Probably irrational, but yet the way my mind runs on sometimes. Anyway, I came upon this blog post written by another homeschool mom who summed up my thoughts and even weaknesses (maybe we were long lost twins or something) so well that I simply had to share. If you have a moment read this. Even if you are not a homeschool mom, it might give you a little perspective on the people you know who are... or will be. :) I'm looking for that grace to carry out this calling, and I know that God will give it, even though it will require much effort on my part to avail myself to it.