Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 10

Today is day 10 of school. That doesn't seem like much, but at least it's double digits. Still I'm already looking ahead to that glorious finish line called next summer. *sigh* School has never really been my thing... ever. The Lad is exhibiting some of those same feelings himself. He does get excited about learning new letters and things, but some of the novelty of "doing school" has worn off now, and I get peppered by comments like, "I don't want to do school." "I don't like school!" "I don't want to sing those songs." *SIGH!!* I'm mentally prepared for these things. After all I didn't expect him to jump into school with both feet and just swim happily upstream through the river of learning without any resistance. Still, I was kinda hoping the honeymoon would last a little longer. Today he asked me why he should answer his (video) teacher when she asks questions because she's on video and can't hear him. I had to smile a bit at that one. I know I felt the same way when I did a similar video school in 5th grade. Though I took full advantage of the teacher not being able to see/hear me to tell her exactly what I thought of her overbearing grouchiness. ;) Happily that teacher is no longer in the rotation, believe me I checked. Ha ha ha!! Bubba's teacher is a sweet lady and she does a great job with that room full of little minds and camera equipment. Still, he does get bored, and tired of "doing school." So we have split up the day a bit. Even though I wanted to stick to the schedule and be done by lunch, it works out better this way, and has slightly less resistance so that's good. :) I'm trying not to count down the days till Christmas break or even till the end of the year. I'm optimistic that our routine and schedule just needs a bit more time to settle in before we're all super comfy with it, and I confess I'm still working out kinks. That's what each new day is about though. A new chance to try again, ditch what doesn't work and try something else. And the great thing is (and I remind myself often) that God's mercies are new EVERY morning, and His grace is more than sufficient for me.... and the Lad. ;)