Sunday, November 18, 2012

I haven't been too musey lately. ;) Well I have been musing, but not so much posting. Our second lad has started 'school' as well, though I admit that I am not as consistent with him. He has 2 years of preschool before him (most likely) so there's no need to be in a dire rush. He is enthused about school, however, so I like to keep him as busy as possible without pushing either of us over the edge. :) As for the Eldest Lad, he tells me every day that he does not like school. I'm not really sure how to counter his complaints. I don't like school either! But I tell him it's too bad he doesn't like it because he HAS to do it. I've started having a little time with him at the beginning of each school day where he and I go over his memory verse cards. Remember I told you that he doesn't like to recite things to me? This is helping a little bit, at least with the cards. We will also be reviewing his letter cards together each day as well since I'm not always confident that he's responding to his video teacher and class as much as he should. I figured out the days we have left for school, and right now if we don't miss any more days we'll be finishing the year out in early May. That of course is not likely to happen. So I'm having him do one extra day of school this week (Wed) before Thanksgiving, and I believe I am going to have him do several days during the Christmas break as well. Not enough to scar the kid for life, but to at least give us a little buffer so that we're not in danger of doing school all summer. THAT I'm quite positive I could not stand! So who has good ideas for helping kids "like" school? Anyone???