Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Fever

Well, my big plans for doing "regular" school during spring break totally broke down. We had family in and through and it just didn't work out. Oh well. The best laid plans of mice and men... or something. Anyway, we got maybe 2 days of school done through the week. Better than nuthin' I suppose. So we are still behind in school. I've just kind of accepted the fact that we may not get through every lesson by the end of school. I'm not doing school past the last week in May, so we'll do what we can do. Any left over lessons/pages I think we will do as review times during the summer. With twins joining the family I have no idea how well any scholastic plans will work out, but in my head I have an hour or less of "school review" each day with the Lad. I have been saving the pages labeled "extra practice" in a folder for summer. I know he needs to keep working on writing and reading especially. Hopefully just doing it for a little while will not cause stress issues for the child. ;) He does need to work on some of his cursive letter formations (capitol letters especially) and getting his blends and sounds down faster. I know I haven't been as "present" with him in his school this year, but the pregnancy and other factors have made it more difficult. I was discussing with Hurb last night about how next year I think I will need to keep him in the living room with headphones during school so that I can monitor his involvement much better. Live and learn. This year hasn't been perfect by any means, but it has showed me that homeschool is possible, and that my monkeys WILL learn even if we don't do school "perfectly" each and every day. :) Sill I want to be improving too, so hopefully the "summer school" plans and changing things up a bit for next year will make a positive difference.

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  1. Your school year's nearly done! Woohoo! You're doing great. I'm so encouraged by talking with you and catching up on your journey here.